About Us


Matthew G. Most

As a young child I always had a love for both science and animals, and my mother and grandmother nurtured this passion. As time passed and my studies continued I was fortunate enough to do an internship at The Field Museum of Natural History in the Herpetology department and also contribute to a study at the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, IL. While I continued my education in graduate school I had the ability to work with an array of animals and scientists working on a multitude of projects. Following graduate school and starting a career, I was fortunate enough to create a collection of colubrids and other reptiles that I have always found interesting. 


Stan & Andrea Grumbeck

Stan and I began chatting about 5 years ago about Persian Rat Snakes and the pied gene. As our conversations continued we were offered an opportunity to acquire a group of WC David's Rat Snakes from Bushmaster Reptiles in 2013. As we continued to work with the David's we started to collaborate on a number of other projects. This collaboration is really what you would expect in the hobby as it's always fun to reach for the next goal in the collection and new exciting additions for other hobbyists. It's always hard to say no though when projects become available... Guess that's why it is always nice to have a partner that you can share in the blame to your significant other. 


Rex Knight

Rex Knight passed away in 2017, but was one of the contributing factors on how we were able to grow our Japanese Forest Rat Snake (E.conspicillatus) collection. He will be greatly missed in the hobby and in our hearts. Every season that we hatch 100 Flowers, Japanese Forest, and Mandarin Rat Snakes it's hard not to think about all of the prior conversations we had in the past about these species.